Adding Alerts to EdgeProX

Adding Alerts to EdgeProX

Alerts are used to notify a trader when an instrument trades at a certain price or volume. The alert will play a sound notification and/or send an email and can be configured to close an open active position.

Create an alert

 To access alerts select "Create Alert".

At the "Create Alert" window, change and alter the parameters of the alert. Multiple parameters can be set for one instrument alert.  

If you have the Alert sub-tab open on the bottom of the chart, press the "Create Alert" on the top right of the tab. If the Alert sub-tab is not visible, please see further in the article for instructions on how to open the sub-tab.  

You can also create an alert by right-clicking on the Price Axis and selecting, "Create Alert." 

Study Alerts

To create an alert based on a study tab, right-click on the axis of the study and select "Create Alert". You will be able to specify the settings for the Study Alert from the subsequent window.

Viewing and Managing Alerts

To view created alerts, add the alert sub-tab. To do so, press the "Edit Page" in the lower right corner of the chart.

Once the next window appears select a Chart Layout, select a layout with a small sub-bar attached. Select the desired location for the sub-bar, and then press "OK".  NOTE: Selecting "Reset Layout" will reset EdgeProX to default settings and charts. This action cannot be undone.


To add the Alert Tab, press the "+", and select "Alerts" from the drop-down menu. From this tab, all alerts can be viewed as well as created, deleted, or edited.

Editing/Deleting Alerts

From Alerts Tab

To alter alerts from the Alerts Tab, right click on the alert you wish to edit and select "Edit Alert".

To delete an alert press the yellow "C" button on the alert. Alternately, if you wish to clear all alerts from a chart, right click on the alert tab and select "Cancel All Alerts".  

From Chart 

To alter an alert from a chart, double click on the alert. To delete an alert, press the yellow "C" next to the alert. Alternatively, right click on the Price Axis and select "Cancel Alerts".

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