How to access VWAP tool in EdgeProX?

How to Draw VWAP Tool in EdgeProX?

How to Draw VWAP using Components Panel

VWAP tool or Anchored VWAP as commonly known can be found in the components panel in EdgeProX. To use VWAP tool, click on the icon and drag it to your anchor point/candlestick. Please see a screenshot below for reference:

How to Draw VWAP tool via Right-Click Dropdown Menu

You can also access VWAP tool via right-click drop down menu on the chart and selecting 'VWAP' in the tools. 

EdgeProX Short: How to Draw VWAP Tool in EdgeProX

To see an illustration please see this video: How to Draw VWAP Tool in EdgeProX

Switching VWAP indicator into Anchored VWAP

Another useful method to create an Anchored VWAP is by right clicking on the VWAP indicator line on the chart at a certain Candlestick/Time bar.
Then Select the option Anchor at [Date and Time]. Please see below for reference on how to switch a VWAP indicator into an Anchored VWAP

This is how the Anchored VWAP looks like once the option to anchor is selected.

To clear the anchor, right click once more clicking on the line and select, 'Clear Anchor'. The VWAP indicator will return to its selected settings. 

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