Edge Clear- Customer Funds

Are my funds secured or insured?

Funds held in Futures only accounts are not insured.  However, through our Clearing Firms (FCM), all futures customer deposits are kept in segregated bank accounts that are held separate from the working capital of the FCM.

This customer segregation protection is a core principle of the Futures industry. By properly segregating customer funds, the assets should be available should any event cause Edge Clear, or our FCM to no longer be in business.

For more information regarding customer protection, please click on the CFTC link below: https://www.cftc.gov/IndustryOversight/Intermediaries/FCMs/fcmsegregationfunds

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    • Do you accept accounts from Canada?

      We are able to open Canadian accounts. We require $10,000 Initial Funding in order to open the account. Please contact on of our brokers to get started! Note: Your balance can fall below $10,000 once the account is opened, but accounts will not be ...
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      The demo feeds we have access to (CQG, Rithmic, TT, and CTS) all offer real time data for the duration of the demo.