Cloud Levels within EdgeProX

Cloud Levels

Cloud levels allows you to have a centralized CSV file with all of your predefined levels. The EdgeProX software will automatically check the CSV file for updates, which will automatically update your charts based on the new updated levels. The steps below will show you how to download and setup cloud levels strictly in EdgeProX. 

1. The first step would be to go to the website or grab the link to the CSV file. Once you have the CSV link you will be able to take this and paste it into the Cloud levels link. The link below is the link that I will be using for this example.

2. Once you have the link copied you will want to go to the settings for the cloud levels indicator. See images below to do this: 



3. Once you get the cloud levels settings screen pulled up. You will then paste the link that you have into the source section. This window is also where you can edit the Label Display, Opacity, Band color, Update interval, etc. See the image below for clarity on this: 

4. The last step is to click, "Update" and then "Apply". This will update your charts with the levels that you have in the CSV. 

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