Create a New Layout Within EdgeProX

Create a new layout on EdgeProX

In EdgeProX, the Console and Chart Groups can have several active layouts organized into what we call, "Pages."  Each Page can contains a different set of panels.  These panels can be filled with Charts, Watch Lists, Account Panel, and more.

1. To create a new page you can click File > New > New Page from the top menu bar.


2. Alternatively, you can click on the "+" symbol on the right side of the page tabs.


Enter the name of the page and choose the type of page.  There are no limitations on types of panels that can be added to a page.  For example, a Chart page can contain any type of panel including Account, Order, Position and more.

  1. Chart – These pages are intended to contain Charts and Watch Lists
  2. Account – Displays accounts, orders, positions and trade history
  3. Options – Display Option Chains
  4. Scan – Use this to create scanners to search for market patterns
  5. Optimize – Use this to optimize and back-test strategies

3. Once you click on the "+" symbol, the window below will open. Choose a layout that is going to suit your trading needs. 


4. Once you create the new page it will be displayed in the tabs at the bottom of the application. 


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