Bracket Order Within EdgeProX

Bracket Orders

Please find the steps below to create Bracket Orders (called Exit Strategies within EdgeProX):

1. The first step to set up your first bracket order on EdgeProX is to get to the “Exit Strategy” tab.  In order to do this, we will need to enable the "Trade Panel."  The Trade Panel is located at the top of your chart, it looks like a dollar bill. 

2. Once the Trade Panel is open, click on the cog symbol to open the preferences.  From here, select, "Trading Panel Preferences."  See images below for clarity.


3. Once you get the Trading Panel Preferences window pulled up, you will the click the tab that says “Exit Strategies”


4. To create a new bracket order, click the plus button then edit the stop offset, target offset, quantity of contacts you want sold, type of order for target, type of order for the stop.  Please find some helpful tool tips below:

5. Once these parameters are edited to your strategy click okay and apply.

6. Finally, click Apply and OK

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