Creating Rithmic Connection in EdgeProX

Creating Rithmic Connection for EdgeProX

Before you start creating the EdgeProX Rithmic workspace, you must sign the Rithmic agreements for your login to work.  For your convenience, please use your paper trading or live login and to log into the forms below:

Paper Trading Account [System: Rithmic Paper Trading]:

Live Account [System: Rithmic 01]:

1. The first step is to open EdgeProx and create a workspace for Rithmic.


2. From here, click on, "New Workspace."


3. Under the "Service" drop down menu you will need to select, "Edge Clear - Rithmic." In the "Username" section you will need to type in your relevant username. In the "Environment" and "Market data" section you can select which ever is relevant for your area and trading style. 


4. Once done, click on "Create Workspace" to exit the setup process.  Choose your new workspace from the main login window and select, "Continue."


5. Please see additional steps below to connect successfully when using Rithmic Paper Trading Server. Switch to Paper Trading: On the login screen, change the System to "Rithmic 01" for live trading and "Rithmic Paper Trading” for paper trading. Please see below:

6. If connecting with Rithmic Demo Credentials. Click on Configure in the top Menu bar. Select Preferences. In the dialog box, select "Rithmic Map Delayed Exchanges" and Restart your EdgeProX. Please see below:

7. Configure your Simulated Trading Account: Use this article to configure your simulated trading account: Sim
Note: Difference between aggregated data and non-aggregated data is just that aggregated is filtered tick data and the other one is unfiltered.

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