Define Trading Hours

Define Trading Hours

Trading hours define the days and time of day that an instrument is traded.  For most instruments, the trading hours may be assigned automatically by EdgeProX. 

Alter Time Zone

The default time zone that EdgeProX is set to is Central Standard Time (CST). If you wish to alter this time zone, go to "Configure" and select "Preferences" from the dropdown menu.

Navigate to the "Chart" tab and under the "Chart Settings" subtab, go to "Time Zone" and select the desired time zone. 

Trading hours can be created/modified from the "Preferences" dialog, which can be located through the cog icon at the top of your chart. (See below picture for clarity)


Once open, click on General then on Trading Hours


The Trading Hours dialog will appear when you click the add button (white ‘+’) above. If an exchange is chosen, then the hours defined in this dialog will be used as the default trading hours for instruments on that exchange. 


After you type in the new name you are editing, then you will want to click on the "Hours" tab. This is where you can officially define the trading hours on whatever exchange you selected. 

Type in the hours were looking to redefine relative to what they were originally. See below for clarity on what this should look like. 


The Trading Hours for an instrument can be assigned from the Advanced tab of the Instrument dialog. This dialog can be accessed from the Context menu of a chart (right click on a chart and choose Edit Instrument). The below picture is what the pop-up menu will look like when you right click. The last step is to click the “ok” button at the bottom of the menu this will complete the edit instrument step.

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