Edge Clear - Commissions

Do I pay commissions and fees for every contract?

Transaction fees in Futures, unlike Equities, are charged per contract.  If you trade a 10 lot you will pay commissions, exchange fees, and regulatory fees for all 10 contracts.  
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      Funding your account at Edge Clear often requires wiring funds to your segregated account at the FCM. Though most FCMs do not charge a fee for the transfer of funds into an account, they may charge a fee for the transfer of funds out of the account. ...
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      CQG costs can vary based on the front end platform you are using. Below is a non comprehensive list of monthly CQG connection fees per platform: CQG Desktop/Mobile: $25 per month, $0.25 per contract on top of exchange fees, NFA fees, and commissions  ...
    • Do you charge inactivity fees?

      We do not charge inactivity fees to our traders.  However, some of our clearing firms will charge an inactivity fee. Please contact your broker to see if your FCM charges any inactivity fees. 
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