Edge Clear - Canadian Accounts

Do you accept accounts from Canada?

We are able to open Canadian accounts. We require $10,000 Initial Funding in order to open the account. Please contact on of our brokers to get started!

Note: Your balance can fall below $10,000 once the account is opened, but accounts will not be opened with Initial Funding below this amount.  

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    • Do you accept IRA accounts?

      IRA and retirement accounts are accepted at Edge Clear. We urge clients to use caution when using retirement funds for high-risk investments like futures. These accounts need to be opened with a custodian that allows for alternative investments. ...
    • Does Edge Clear accept Corporate Accounts?

      Yes, we can open corporate accounts.  Please Click Here to see what type of accounts can be opened through Edge Clear.
    • Are my funds secured or insured?

      Funds held in Futures only accounts are not insured.  However, through our Clearing Firms (FCM), all futures customer deposits are kept in segregated bank accounts that are held separate from the working capital of the FCM. This customer segregation ...
    • Minimum Account Size

      We typically require $5,000 initial funding for all contracts and $1,500 if you only trade the Micro contracts, however, account size can vary and is dependent on what your objectives are and what markets you plan to trade. Some markets require more ...
    • Why are my demo fills different than live trading?

      While demo accounts offer real time data, and provide live order book updates, working orders in Demo are not subject to the same fill methods used in live trading.   Many demo accounts will not have any queue at all.  This can lead to a working ...