How to download EdgeWatch

Downloading EdgeWatch

EdgeWatch Image

If you are interested in downloading our EdgeWatch tool, you are in the right spot! This app is designed to run on Rithmic and can import fills and provide performance metrics that can help you visualize the trend in your trading journey.

Please click on the banner below to start the download process. 

There are a few important notes that you should be aware of before installing the app. See below...

Browser Download:

When using Chrome or another browser, you may get a warning that the downloaded application may be dangerous and will give you the option to Discard it. Please rest assured that this app is certified and is harmless. You can click the up-arrow and then click on Keep in order to keep it and run it.  As more people download it, this issue will vanish.

Windows Warning:  

This app has a certificate built into it under Edge Clear. However, because it is brand new, Windows will show you a blue screen with a Microsoft Defender warning (see image on right). Please click the More Info line and then click on Run Anyway to run it (also shown in the image on the right). 

NOTE: If you have followed all of the steps to get EdgeWatch running and are logged in but the app is not allowing you to select your account to download data, then you are attempting to use EdgeWatch with a non-Edge Clear account and don't have a license to do so. Please reach out to your personal broker to get this resolved

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