Setting up Email Alerts within EdgeProX

Email Alerts - Gmail

You have the ability to set email alerts within EdgeProX.  The first few steps involve your Gmail account.  We will need to update the security settings. 

Video tutorial on this process:

1. The first step is to log into your email account and selecting, "Manage your Google Account"


2. Once you have selected this, click on your "Security" settings.


3. Find the section that reads, "Signing in to Google."  Make sure two factor authentication is turned off.


3. From here, scroll down to the section that reads, "Less secure app access."  You will need to turn on access to less secure apps for your email account.  This is required in order for EdgeProX to send alerts to your Gmail account. 

4. Once this is done, we will turn our attention to EdgeProX.  In order to open up the email settings, please follow the below steps:

Configure => Preferences => Email

5. Follow the settings below. Substitute with your Gmail address!  Port 465 is for SSL and port 587 is for TLS. 

6.  Once this is set up, you may need to restart EdgeProX for the changes to take effect.

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