Sierra Chart | Denali Data Feed Set-up Guide | Enabling Teton Futures Order Routing

Denali Data Feed Set-up Guide | Enabling Teton Futures Order Routing

To enable Teton Futures Order Routing, users require Sierra Chart Package 10 or higher that comes with Denali Data Feed. Please see the link for pricing if you are currently not a Sierra Chart user. Description of Service Packages and Pricing - Sierra Chart

To create your account with Sierra Chart please click here: Sierra Chart Set-up Instructions

See this link to open a brokerage account at Edge Clear

Once your brokerage account has been approved and funded or if you are moving to Sierra/Teton Futures Order Routing from a different service, you will be required to provide your personal broker with your Sierra Chart username. This can be found in Help >> About within Sierra Chart. 

Edge Clear will then set-up live connection. Once this is communicated to you with an account activation email. 

  1. Select Global Settings >> Data/Trade Service Settings.
  2. Set the Current Selected Service to Teton CME Order Routing (new name) and select the A button to the right of the selection to accept that entry.
  3. Set the Clearing Firm in the dropdown menu to Phillip / Ironbeam / Dorman. Note: choose the 'Clearing Firm' where your account is activated. See the image below:
Clearing Firms available at Edge Clear:
  1. Phillip Capital
  2. Dorman Trading
  3. Ironbeam
  4. Plus500 (Cunningham)



Press OK. Then head over to 'File >>> Connect to Data Feed' on the menu to connect to data feed and trading servers. There should be a symbol [M] next to the chart symbol that shows Denali data feed is working correctly. 


Note: if you were previously using Sierra Chart with a different execution feed. You will need to translate your chartbook symbols to the new symbols. To automatically translate those symbols, open the Chartbook and select Edit >> Translate Symbols to Current Service. For complete documentation, refer to Translate Symbols to Current Service


Once you are set-up and Teton Futures order routing has been enabled for your account. 

Use this link Denali Exchange Data Feed - Sierra Chart to activate the exchanges and sign the necessary data agreements to qualify for non-professional data fees. You will be required to add balance to your Sierra Chart account. Exchange data fees are billed via your Sierra Chart services balance.

You will then receive real-time live data. 

There are 2 components to the cost for the Denali Exchange Data Feed.

  1. The cost of the Sierra Chart Service Package which includes the Denali Exchange Data Feed. The Denali Exchange Data Feed is included with Service Packages 10, 11, and 12. Refer to the Service Packages page for pricing for these packages.
  2. The Exchange Fees. These are billed in full each month no matter when they are activated.
  3. For exchange fees pricing, please see Market Data Costs  Denali (Sierra Chart Section)

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