Order Heatmap Overview

Order Heatmap Overview

The EdgeProX heatmap has a lot of different features you can utilize. You can sync your heatmap with your DOM, change the colors of the gradient, change the opacity of the colors and the contrast, and put in a minimum order quantity. All of these can be changed from the heatmap settings within EdgeProX. 

To begin, the below steps will show you how to change the opacity and contrast of the colors on your heatmap.

1. The first step is to access the settings for the order heatmap. You can do this by selecting the cog wheel next to the indicator. See below: 


2. Then you will see sliders than can be adjusted. One of the sliders is for the contrast, this one can be used to increase the contrast of the heat map or lower it. The other slider is for the opacity, which will make the gradient on the chart much brighter or dark depending on the setting. The default setting for both of these setting is 50% for both. See below for image on this:


The next set of steps will be on how to sync the heatmap with the DOM. Follow the steps below on how to do this. 

1. You will notice in the picture below that the order heatmap is not synced with the DOM. 


2. The way to fix this by clicking the arrows in the DOM that appear to be converging inwards towards each other. The image below will show you which button to press. 


3. Once you click you will notice that your charts adjust to make both the DOM and Heatmap move together. See my chart below for reference: 


The next below steps will show where to change the Minimum quantity, Max History, and Max Depth Levels. 

1. The first step is to access the settings for the order heatmap. You can do this by selecting the cog wheel next to the indicator. See below:


2. The next step is to click the all settings button within the pop window. See below: 


3. After you click the all settings tab you will see another window pop up. This window is where you will be able to adjust the settings for Max Depth Levels, Min Qty, and Max History. In this window you can also change the color of the gradient and add in lines to you heatmap. See my image below on this: 


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