How do I change my Chart time interval in TT?

How do I change my Chart time interval in TT?

1. Click the 3 Bars in the top left of the chart

2. Left Click the clock icon and select from several preset time intervals. 

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    • How do I change my Chart type in TT?

      1. In the top left of the chart, left click the 3 Bars 2. Click the candlestick icon to select from a variety of chart types. 1. You can also change the chart settings by Right Clicking on the chart and opening the Chart Settings. 2. From the ...
    • How do I open a Chart on TT?

      1. Navigate to the top left of the platform window, left click the Widgets tab and then select Chart  Once the chart widget has been opened, you will need to select a futures contract to apply to the chart. 2. Left click the three horizontal lines in ...
    • Can I download TT Desktop?

      TT offers a downloadable version of the TT Platform.  The TT Desktop is a font-end application that supports multi-monitor workspaces, while TT Web limits users to one window.  TT Desktop is linked through TT's Software-as-a-Service model and ...
    • What data feeds does TT connect to?

      TT WEB is powered by the Trading Technologies data feed. 
    • What is the pricing for TT?

      TT Web Standard  $700 per month flat charge OR $50 per month with a $0.30 per contract transaction fee charged on top of commissions, regulatory, and exchange fees.  $0.30 transaction fee is capped at $1,000 per month TT Web Pro  $1400 per month flat ...