How do I transfer my funds from an Roth IRA account to Edge Clear Account?

How do I transfer my funds from an Roth IRA account to Edge Clear Account?


Here is a guide for initiating a transfer from your IRA account to your Edge Clear brokerage account:

  1. Contact TSP: Inform TSP of your intent to transfer funds.
  2. Get Transfer Forms: Obtain and complete necessary transfer forms from TSP.
  3. Provide Brokerage Details: Include accurate brokerage account info.
  4. Review and Submit: Double-check forms, then submit to TSP.
  5. Wait for Processing: Allow time for TSP to process your request.
  6. Verify Transfer: Confirm funds in your brokerage account.
  7. Consider Tax Implications: Consult a tax professional for advice.

Remember, specific procedures may vary, so always follow the instructions provided by your TSP and if you require any further assistance, please reach out to us for help. Your personal broker is at hand to assist you. 

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