How to Apply FT71's Chart Analysis to EdgeProX

How to Apply FT71's Chart Analysis to EdgeProX

EdgeProX chart files by FuturesTrader71 can be accessed by members subscribed to the platform. 

To download the chart files head over to the EC Subscription Portal.  The chart files and indicators are available to download in "Special Downloads."  If you do not have a subscription of EdgeProX, please Click Here to subscribe and/or sign up for a trial! 

After downloading the files within the EC Subscription Portal, click on "File" > "Chart" > "Import Analysis" in EdgeProX. See the images below:

From here, locate the analysis you want to import and select, "Open." 

In the dialog box, as shown in the image below, type in @ES or select the instrument using the dropdown button. Then Click "Import".  If you want to apply the analysis to a different instrument e.g., ESM2 (Rithmic) or EPM22 (CQG), then choose the instrument in the import analysis dialog box. 

Head over to your @ES chart where you want to upload the analysis. Follow the image below for reference:  

Once selected, your charts should reflect the analysis you downloaded. 

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