How to clear the Local Data in EdgeProX

How to clear the Local Data in EdgeProX

The platform EdgeProX pulls in massive amounts of market data from the exchanges. Sometimes, the data stored on the platform can cause issues with missing data, or incorrectly applied studies. A common first step in troubleshooting is to clear the local data. Clearing local data deletes the cached data that is stored on the platform, and redownloads the data. This should not remove the applied studies or analysis on the chart.  

Clearing Local Data by Chart

To clear the local data on a specific chart, right-click on the chart and navigate to the bottom of the dropdown menu. Select "Clear Local Data".

On the subsequent dialogue box, select "Yes". 

Clearing Local Data on Platform

To clear the local data on all charts on the platform simultaneously, navigate to "Configure" and then "Clear All Local Data". 

On the subsequent dialogue box, select "Yes". 
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