How to Create a Free Trial for Sierra Chart (DEMO)?

How to Create a Free Trial for Sierra Chart (DEMO)

Create A Demo Account

Free Trial

To create a sierra chart free trial, go to Sierra Chart. Then click, create account as in the image below:

Step 1: Enter your email address and click proceed:

Step 2: Choose your Sierra Chart Account Name:

Step 3: Scroll down and click 'Create Account'

Once completed, you will receive the account information via email.

The next step is downloading Sierra Chart Software. Open Sierra Chart File Installer and install Sierra Chart in your preferred location. 

Open Sierra Chart once installed. Enter your credentials as in the image below: 

By default Sierra Chart provides 15 days of trial and prior to activation you will be able to load 186 days of historical daily data and 10 days of intraday data. For Futures the following symbols can be accessed prior to activation:
  1. YM
  2. MES

Activate Trial

However, if you wish to activate the trial. You can access unlimited data through Sierra servers and all the symbols available on Sierra Chart. 

To activate a trial, run Sierra Chart.

Step 1:

Select Global Settings >> Activate Trial.

Step 2:
To the right of Enter your SMS number, enter your mobile phone number. The format is: [country code][full telephone number] Example: 13072222222
Left click twice on the text Send SMS Code.
You will receive a code to your mobile phone for activating Sierra Chart. Ensure you entered the phone number correctly if you did not receive the SMS code. 

Step 3:
If you still do not receive the SMS Code, contact Sierra Chart through an Account Support Ticket.

Step 4:

To the right of Enter the received SMS code, enter the code you received to your mobile phone.
Left click twice on the text Activate Trial.
You will receive a prompt confirming the activation of the trial.
Within two minutes, your installation of Sierra Chart will be activated.

You can now access all symbols and data for your trial period.