How to set up Trade Copier in EdgeProX

How to set up Trade Copier Feature in EdgeProX?

To set up Trade Copier Feature: 

  1. Click on File >> New
Then, select Trade Copier
  2.  A dialog box will appear where you can set up your Lead account and a maximum of 2 follower accounts.
     You can opt for Cross Trade Option to route orders to micro contracts.
     Qty Multiplier option sets the basis for ratio. 1:1 is currently selected for Lead and Follower accounts. 
              See image below for reference:
  3.   Once you click OK, go to DOM and select TEST from the account name options available. This will let you route orders to your selected follower accounts. 

4.      As you can see, executing an order with Trade Copier account selected results in an open position in both selected accounts.


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