How to Sync Drawings Across Charts

How to Sync Drawings Across Charts

In order to sync your drawings across multiple charting timeframes, please follow the steps below:

  1.  To initiate the process, begin by creating a New Analysis. Navigate to File => Chart => New Analysis.

    1. Give your New Analysis a name:

        1. Based On: Analysis is going to be based on this chart
  2. Now, to open a new chart with a different timeframe for the same symbol, simply click the + button:

  3.  Once Selected, you can choose to open a New Chart Tab and the follow window will open:

      1. Uncheck the box infront of "Untitled"
        1. This adds the current drawing tools onto the new chart
      2. Configure your bar size through this window
  4. Click "OK" and the charts will be synced as shown in the gif below

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