IOM Membership (lease) Cost Structure

IOM Membership (lease) Cost Structure

High volume traders of CME Futures products have the opportunity of reduced exchange fees by leasing a seat on the exchange.  For Equity Index Minis on the CME exchange, you can look into an IOM lease. For a complete breakdown of Membership and Lease Pricing, please reference this link:

  1. Exchange fee/NFA Fee without an exchange leased membership: $1.25/contract
  2. Exchange fee/NFA Fee with an exchange leased membership: $0.48/contract
    1. As a IOM leased member, you do not pay the NFA fee

This is a savings of $0.77 per contract!* To calculate the amount of money you will receive with a membership, take your daily or monthly volume and multiply that number by $0.77.  This final number will be the amount you save by leasing an IOM seat. 

Upfront Cost:

  1. $2,000 nonrefundable application fee
    1. This will be paid off after 2,598 contracts traded (2598 * $0.77 = $2000)
  2. Monthly lease cost (normally between $200-$400/month)

You can also receive discounts based on average daily volume.  Below is an example of the E-Mini Equity Volume Discount (Individual) for the month of May ’20. Volume between 0 -5,000 would not receive any discount but once you reach the next tier (volume between 5,001 – 35,000) would receive a discount of $0.16 per contract.

Individual Members

E-mini Equity Futures

E-mini Equity Options

Eligible Participants

Average Daily Volume Threshold (Sides)

Exchange Fee Discount

Average Daily Volume Threshold (Sides)

Exchange Fee Discount

Individual Members
Rule 106.D Lessees
Rule 106.F Employees

0 - 250


0 - 750


251 - 1,750


751 - 5,000


1,751 - 15,000


5,001 - 12,000


15,001 - 16,000


12,001 - 20,000


> 16,000


> 20,000


Volume is aggregated per trading account within a single clearing/billing firm.

 As an Exchange Member, traders will be classified as Professional.  Therefore, the trader will be required to pay professional market data fees.  Currently, the CME charges $110/month.

*Fees are subject to change at any time without notice.  The calculations above are based on the data provided in May, 2020.  Please always check with the CME for updated pricing.

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