Resolving VPOC, POC and VWAP Discrepancies

Resolving VPOC, POC and VWAP Discrepancies

If you find that Volume Profile created using the 'Volume Imprint Study', 'Volume Profile Study' or TPO study show different VPOCs. These can differ depending on the type of chart you use. See this example below:

This difference can be attributed to the historical minute bar settings found in each study. 

To resolve the issue uncheck 'use historical minute bar' in each study. 

Historical minute bars calculate the volume and time (TPO) using the minute bars. Whereas when unchecked, the study will calculate the volume and time (TPO) using tick data. This is accurate method of calculating VPOCs, POCs for TPOs, VWAPs and other volume studies. 

Furthermore, in order to get the precise VPOC, POC for TPO; keep the tick interval set to 1. Changing the tick interval to higher setting will also change the VPOC and POC for TPO. This is because the tick data is the aggregated for the interval it is set to, in order to calculate the study values. 

It is recommended that 'Use Historical Minute Bar' is unchecked.

However, processing tick data also increases the CPU and RAM usage. 

Please see images below as a reference:


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