Setting Up Simulated Account Within EdgeProX

Setting Up Simulated Account

EdgeProX has its very own simulated account built into the software that you can use to practice your trading.  If you have connected to a data source when logging in, then this data will be used by default.  If you are using the Rithmic data feed, your broker at Edge Clear can help set up a Rithmic paper trading account. It is recommended that you use a demo provider by your data provider if possible.  It may provide better simulation of fills and order types. 

Here is a video on setting up a simulated account:

How to set up a simulated account:
1. Simulated accounts will need to be enabled and configured from the "Preferences" window:


2.  Once the Preferences window is open, click on the "General" tab and then "Simulated Account" tab:


3. Click on the "Enabled" check box to enable or disable the simulated account.  You can also disable all trading for accounts except the Simulated Account, change the base currency, fill immediate, and include commissions from the Preferences window.


4. Once you have the simulated account enabled, your "Accounts" panel will have a new line item for this account. The account ID should be, "Simulated"


5.  To avoid placing orders on any other accounts, we recommend setting the simulated account as the default account.  Any orders placed once the default account is set should be sent to the "Simulated" account first.  

To se the simulated account up as default, you will need to right click on the account in your accounts panel and select "Set As Default Account."


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