TPO Charting in EdgeProX

TPO Charting in EdgeProX

TPO Charts are a classic market profile chart.  The profile within a TPO chart are not set by volume, but are set by time.  A TPO chart is called a "Time Price Opportunity" and the default TPO charts that we have setup on EdgeProX are set to show 1 whole day at 30 minute intervals.  In this article we will be going over the different settings that you can set within the EdgeProX TPO charts. 

On the default layout of EdgeProX, you will see along the bottom of the application there are a list of tabs. Amongst this list of tabs you will see one titled "EdgeProX TPO"


Once the page is pulled up you will see your TPO charts. The default setting is currently set to only show 20 TPO charts. The can be changed by going to the cog wheel next to the TPO indicator. The adjusting the "Number of TPOs"


Align Letters: 

Next, you can change the TPO to replicate a 30 minute bar chart.  This will give you a more accurate depiction of how the price actually moved through the day. This can be done by going to the cog wheel again then clicking "All settings".  Then you will want to navigate to "Display" tab, after you should see a area where you can check "Align Letters."  After click this your TPO charts will change from a histogram to emulate a bar chart.  See images below for clarity: 

TPO Cog wheel => All Settings => Display Tab => Align Letters > check the box





The below image is what you new TPO charts should look like: 


Value Area:

Another feature of the TPO charts is the value area. You may notice that part of the TPO chart is blue and another portion is grey. The default value are is set to 70% this can be adjusted in the "All settings" tab as well. You may notice the gold bar on the TPO chart as well, this is the Point of Control. You can turn this on or off in the "All settings" tab within the TPO indicator. Follow the steps below to understand how to make these adjustments. 


To access and change settings for the value area you will want to navigate to the "Value Area" tab. 


Point of Control

To access and change the POC, you will want to navigate to the "Display" tab. 


Volume Profile

The last setting that is a part of the default TPO chart in EdgeProX is we have a Volume Profile attached to the TPO chart. You can easily turn this off by navigating to the "All settings" tab and then clicking "Volume Profile" tab. There is an area at the top that says "Show Volume Profile" if you would like this turned off just uncheck. See images below for clarity on how to do this: 



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