Viewing your Positions and Account Details within EdgeProX

Viewing your Positions and Account Details

You will fund the Accounts, Positions, and Trade tabs within the EdgeProX home page as soon as you first open the software.  For your convenience, please see the location within the image below:


You can create a new page within EdgeProX to have all this information in one spot.  Please follow the steps below to accomplish this:

1. Click on the white "+" symbol located at the bottom of EdgeProX to open a new page.


2. Once selected, a window will open with multiple layouts you can choose from.  Please select the, "Accounts" tab and choose a layout that works best for you:


3. After you select the layout of you liking, it will automatically create the layout with your Accounts, Orders (Active & Filled), Positions (Open and closed), and Trades tabs.  It should look look like the following: 


The below explains all of the different features within this page:  


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