Volume Imprint Settings for RTH and ETH Volume Profiles

Volume Imprint Settings for RTH and ETH Volume Profiles

In this article we will go through Volume Imprint study settings required to create a Daily Profile for RTH data or Daily Profile Split between RTH and ETH session. 

Please see the settings below for "Volume Imprint" to create a Daily Volume profile chart with RTH and ETH sessions split or RTH data. 

  1.  Check the box aside Column to 2, to add another imprint Column. In example above, we will view Delta by price alongside Volume Profile. 
  2. By Checking 'Show All' for Imprint Count option, we will be able to view all profiles. 
  3. Checking RTH Data Only box will switch Volume Profiles to display RTH data only.

  1. If you want to view RTH and ETH data separately, check the box as in the image above. 

  1. Uncheck Bar Size box and select 1 Day time frame to view daily profiles. Here selecting 1 Week or 1 Month will provide you with weekly and monthly profiles. 
  2. The settings above using Volume Imprint Study will give you the Volume Profile Chart split in RTH and ETH sessions as in FT71's charts.

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