What data feeds does Tradingview connect to?

What data feeds does Tradingview connect to?

Through Edge Clear, Tradingview is powered by CQG data. No Tradingview subscription is required to connect to CQG data, only a live or demo login supplied by your broker. 
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      Edge Clear offers three potential data feeds with Sierra Chart - Rithmic, CQG, and Teton
    • What is the cost of Tradingview?

      Tradingview is available with CQG data for a $10 monthly fee charged by CQG. You do not need a direct, paid subscription to Tradingview.
    • Tradingview Demo

      Please find TradingView demo setup instructions below.  Request Tradingview credentials: Click Here Check your email for your CQG login credentials, and follow the steps here for connecting CQG to Tradingview: Click Here Please contact one of our ...
    • How do I view my account balance on Tradingview?

      1. Once logged into a live trading account, navigate to the bottom of the TradingView terminal and select the Account Summary tab. The Account Summary page provides traders with respective fields related to their account balance such as daily P/L, ...
    • How do I connect MultiCharts to my data feed?

      1. Navigate to the File tab located in the upper left hand corner of the platform window and left click. 2. Highlight the Broker Profiles option. 3. Left click the Manage Broker Profiles option under the new drop down menu. 4. Once the Broker ...