What is Teton Futures Order Routing offered by Sierra Charts?

What is Teton Futures Order Routing offered by Sierra Charts?

What is Teton Futures Order Routing?

Teton Futures Order Routing is Sierra Chart in house order routing system. Teton order routing currently offers $0 API fees and currently has $0 transaction fees per side per contract.* 

Teton order routing currently has access to the following exchanges:* CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX, FairX.

Market data is provided by Sierra Chart Denali Exchange Data Feed.  To enable Teton order routing, a funded futures account at a brokerage is required. Edge Clear has partnered with Sierra Charts to provide this service to the trading community. If you would like to open an account please click on here

What does Teton offer?

Teton offers low latency order routing to the exchange in under 500 microseconds.

Auto-Liquidation feature, allows you to enforce broker controlled loss limit. This can be a a percentage of cash on hand or a dollar amount.

Trade Account Monitor allows you to effectively manage risk. 

It offers traders Server-side managed OCO and Bracket orders. This is a huge advantage in our opinion as server-side bracket and OCO orders can be transmitted under 1 millisecond compared to client side bracket and OCO order management. 

Server-side managed OCO and Bracket orders continue to be managed if your installation of Sierra Chart loses Internet connectivity or is closed, these orders continue to be managed on the server regardless of this and will protect the Position that they are intended for

Web Based Trading panel offers Order Entry & Submission. It lets you monitor the Open orders, Current positions, Account Balance for your account. It also lets you access Order Fill History, Account Balance History and Action Log. 

It does not support charting features that are offered by Sierra chart software. However, this is important to mention if you want to be away from screens and, enter, exit or manage your trades. 
What is significant to note here is that Web Based Trading Panel can be accessed via your Account Control Panel on Sierra Chart Website. It can be viewed on PC and it also has a mobile view option. 

More features can be found by clicking here! 

*as of 7/6/2022
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