Edge Clear - What Type of Accounts can Edge Clear Open?

What Type of Accounts can Edge Clear Open?

Edge Clear can facilitate the below account types based on your investment goals:

  1. Individual 
  2. Joint (JTWROS & Tenants in Common)
  3. Corporate 
  4. LLC 
  5. Trust 
  6.  Partnership 
  7. IRA

To open an Edge Clear account, please Click Here!
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    • Does Edge Clear accept Corporate Accounts?

      Yes, we can open corporate accounts.  Please Click Here to see what type of accounts can be opened through Edge Clear.
    • Do you accept IRA accounts?

      IRA and retirement accounts are accepted at Edge Clear. We urge clients to use caution when using retirement funds for high-risk investments like futures. These accounts need to be opened with a custodian that allows for alternative investments. ...
    • What FCM's does Edge Clear work with?

      Edge Clear works with: Phillip Capital Dorman Trading Ironbeam To open a live account with Edge Clear, please use the following link to fill out the application: https://edgeclear.com/open-account/
    • How do I transfer my funds from an Roth IRA account to Edge Clear Account?

      Here is a guide for initiating a transfer from your IRA account to your Edge Clear brokerage account: Contact TSP: Inform TSP of your intent to transfer funds. Get Transfer Forms: Obtain and complete necessary transfer forms from TSP. Provide ...
    • Do you accept accounts from Canada?

      At Edge Clear, we accept Canadian accounts. Account Options: Canadian residents can open an account at Edge Clear via our clearing partners: Phillip Capital Ironbeam. Funding Information: Minimum funding required to trade micro products is $1500. ...