Edge Clear - What Type of Accounts can Edge Clear Open?

What Type of Accounts can Edge Clear Open?

Edge Clear can facilitate the below account types based on your investment goals:

  1. Individual 
  2. Joint (JTWROS & Tenants in Common)
  3. Corporate 
  4. LLC 
  5. Trust 
  6.  Partnership 
  7. IRA

To open an Edge Clear account, please Click Here!
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    • Does Edge Clear accept Corporate Accounts?

      Yes, we can open corporate accounts.  Please Click Here to see what type of accounts can be opened through Edge Clear.
    • Do you accept IRA accounts?

      IRA and retirement accounts are accepted at Edge Clear. We urge clients to use caution when using retirement funds for high-risk investments like futures. These accounts need to be opened with a custodian that allows for alternative investments. ...
    • What FCM's does Edge Clear work with?

      Edge Clear works with: Phillip Capital Dorman Trading Ironbeam To open a live account with Edge Clear, please use the following link to fill out the application:  https://edgeclear.com/open-account/
    • What Data Feeds does Edge Clear offer?

      Edge Clear offers the below data providers to deliver streaming real-time quotes and historical data directly from the exchange: Rithmic CQG Teton (Sierra Chart) Trading Technologies  Certigo DTN IQ Feed (non execution)  eSignal
    • Auto Liquidation Rules

      When trading at Edge Clear on certain data providers, your account at the FCM may be subject to certain risk mitigating measures to hopefully avoid the risk of a debit.  These measures usually fall under:  Minimum Account Balances: A predetermined ...