Why are my margins not set to the "As low as"?

Why are my margins not set to the "As low as"?

When viewing Edge Clear's Contract Specification and Margins page, you may find your day trading margin is higher than the "As low as" stated price.  Edge Clear brokers normally start traders at 25%-50% day trading margins. This means 25%-50% of the initial margin of the contract.  Our day margin rate is based off a number of factors including:
  1. Product Trading 
  2. Volume Trading 
  3. Account Funding 
  4. And more
Your broker will take these factors into account when they negotiate these rates with the FCM.  In order to lower your margins, discuss with your broker on what steps you can take to trade on these margins. 

Please note:  The lower the day trading margin, the higher the loss and profit potential.  Please make sure you understand how futures margins work

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