Retrieving Missing Chart Data in EdgeProX

Retrieving Missing Chart Data in EdgeProX

This article is to help resolve commonly occurring issues during the rollover period. i.e., Missing Chart Data. 

Whether you are using 'Continuous Futures Contract Symbol'  e.g., @ES, or using 'Specific Contract Symbol' e.g., ESM2

If your charts show incomplete bars, candlesticks, or TPOs, then please follow the below steps. 

Clear Local Data

A useful first step is to ensure that the local historical data cache is cleared. Click on 'Configure' tab in the top menu bar. Then click 'Clear All Local Data' as shown in the image. 

This will prompt EdgeProX to fetch fresh data from the feed. Then restart EdgeProX. 

Switch to Aggregated Market Data

Switching the market data consumption of EdgeProX to Aggregated Quotes can resolve issues with missing chart data. By switching to Aggregated, EdgeProX will combine or aggregate the market data it is pulling from the data provider, reducing strain on the platform and computer. The data pulled will still be tick information, but with MBO information removed. 

To switch to Aggregated data, restart EdgeProX. When logging into a workspace, switch Market Data to "Aggregated" 

Then, proceed to enter the platform. 

Saving as a Template

Check to see if the chart data has been retrieved after these steps.  If it still shows missing data, then proceed to save your template. Close the chart with the missing data and open the symbol again in a new chart window. See the attached link to Using Templates in EdgeProX

Clearing Cached Rithmic Data

If you are using Rithmic data in EdgeProX, and all of the above steps have not fixed the issue, you may need to delete the cached Rithmic historical data files on your computers hardrive. 


To delete the historical Rithmic data folders on a pc, close EdgeProX and go to this file location in your computer: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\EdgeProX\historical_data\RITHMIC\ 
Once there, select and delete the files in that folder and re-open EdgeProX


To delete the historical Rithmic data folders on a Mac or Macbook, close EdgeProX and go to this file location in your computer: /System/Volumes/Data/Users/<username>/Library/EdgeProX
Once there, select and delete the files in that folder and re-open EdgeProX

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