Why does data my not load for a full day on EdgeProX?

Why does data my not load for a full day on EdgeProX?

If you find that data is not loading for a full day, there are a number of reasons why it may be so. Many times issues with missing data can be solved by Clearing the Local Data. If that does not work try the following troubleshooting steps.

Data Connectivity Problems

EdgeProX is a very data-intensive program. Computers with slower processors, lower memory, and internet with low bandwidth may experience interruptions and issues loading data. Signs of local computer hardware causing data problems is the platform constantly refreshing, a slow or buggy platform, or the program often crashing.  
Solutions to these issues are:
  1. Upgrading computer RAM, or processor. 
    1. If you are on a laptop, switch to a desktop computer.
  2. Increase Internet bandwidth
    1. If you are using WiFi, switch to a wired connection. 

Low Max Bars

Max Bars is a setting that determines how many bars of data the program will attempt to load for a chart. For example, if Max Bars are set to 16 on a 12-hour chart then the program will load 8 days' worth of charts, while on a 1-day chart, it will load 16 days with of bars. 

Having a low number set for the Max Bars will limit how much data EdgeProX is pulling and displaying. To increase this number:
  1. Go to "Configure"->"Preferences"->"Chart" and select the "Chart Settings" subtab.
  2. Find "Max Linear Bars" and set the number to around 25000.

Show Extended Data

If EdgeProX stops showing data around the close of a market, and starts showing data at the open, this might indicate that extended session hours are not enabled. To enable the extended session on all charts: 
  1. "Configure"->"Preferences"->"Chart" and select the "Options" subtab.
  2. Check the box that says  "Show Extended Data"

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